tirsdag 3. mars 2009

Individual project

Hi again!

We're now about to start working on a larger project in English social studies. Currently, it seems like I'm going to look into the diamond industry. I'm looking to explore how it works, whether it's ruled by (De Beers) cartels and how it became like this. Further I want to discuss if the industry exploits third world countries, and how it's able to do this. Finally, I want to study what impact the "financial crisis" has had on the diamond industry so far, and what will/might happen in the future.

The paper is supposed to be in less than five pages, this might become an issue. Which problems to address can (and probably will) be changed, because of the page limit. Other sub-subjects can also occur, I'll try to keep the blog a tad updated on this.

First, I have to start collecting information and gathering links. In this task, I have to be incredibly careful with what sources I rely on. From there, making a draft will probably be my priority #1. In the end, it will a hand-in paper (presumably an argumentative text) and a lecture.

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Ann S. Michaelsen sa...

I agree this is a huge topic. I also think it an angle for you paper might be to look at the issue from either the US or Great Britain point of view?

rocklee_hiddenlotus7793 sa...

That sounds cool sounds like you do and know many things. I think i've about your great ability to play chess, we should play sometime.