tirsdag 27. januar 2009

A bit on me and my local environment

It appears that I'm going to write a bit on myself, while trying to preserve a certain degree of anonymity, and the area I live in. As my readers might already know, I'm Norwegian. Yes, it's that long thing close to the icy-thing. Currently, I live close to the capitol, Oslo. Oslo has about half a million citizens. However, I live about twenty minutes away from the central parts of Oslo, if traveling by bus. As you now should guess, I live in a suburb. If you go to the Wikipedia article I linked up with Oslo and look at this map, I live in the tiny area left of it.

The suburb, called Baerum, has about 100,000 inhabitants. Mostly rich people live here, and they are quite conservative. My school is about five miles away from my house, I travel there by bicycle, except when there's snow or I don't have enough time. The school is located in a tiny city, perhaps more like a village. I have 9 or 10 different subjects, such as Norwegian, P.E., religion, history and so on. The picture is of the city-looking place, where my school is located.

Next year, I will go to a university, either in the southern-parts of Norway or up in the north, where it's colder and they have reindeer and polar bears roaming the streets. I looks like I'll be studying political science, and I want to specialize in human rights.

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Mrs. D sa...

Hi Magnus,

Wow, I had no idea how large your cities were in Norway. Our town is around 15,000 people, but the city that I have referred to as Shreveport on other posts is still only around 200,000 people. That is a very large city here in Louisiana. Shreveport is actually the third largest city in the state of Louisiana.

On thing unique about our state is that it is broken into parishes. All other states in the US are broken into counties.

You will receive a comment soon from my students, hopefully by the time you receive this one.

Mrs. D

5halz5 sa...

Hello Magnus,
My name is Haley and I live in the state of Oregon in the USA. I read your blog about where you live and I really think that I would want to live somewhere where reindeer and polar bears roam the streets. That sounds SO cool! I really liked you blog :)

5halz5 sa...
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